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Below is the Agenda for the day.  RSVP now to attend this RADF Spring Showcase event!

8:30-9:00 am               Registration

9:00-9:30 am               Welcome and Opening Remarks
                                                Warner Hockey School Video

9:30-12:00 pm             Canadian Badlands Tourism Development Centre
                                                Aging in Rural Communities 
                                                Food Processing/Food Science Training Facility
                                                National Bee Diagnostic Centre
                                                Communities Leading Regional Recruitment and Retention 
                                                Rocky Lane School Agriculture Program

12:05-1:10 pm             Lunch and Networking

1:10-1:45 pm               RADF Remarks
                                                The Women of Willmore Wilderness - Trailer

1:45-3:00 pm               Concurrent Breakout Sessions 
                                                            1. Health in Communities
                                                            • Changing the lens: looking at health delivery services differently
                                                                        a. Chair Rural Health Development 
                                                                        b. Communities Leading Regional Recruitment and Retention
                                                                        c. Creating Home – Reclaiming the Self: A Holistic Journey to Community Wellness
                                                                        d. STARS Critical Care and Transport Medical Academy
                                                            2. Economic Growth/Diversification of Local Economy
                                                            • Building on your communities’ ‘strengths’ to grow the economy
                                                                        a. The Centre for Research & Innovation 
                                                                        b. Composite Train Grading
                                                                        c. Greater Edmonton Rural Tourism Program
                                                                        d. GeoTourism  Services Project
                                                            3. Education
                                                            • Looking towards future employment needs: building Alberta’s capacity
                                                                        a. “Edacity”  Rural Youth Science Network 
                                                                        b. Mobile Trades Foundation Program
                                                                        c. High Prairie Training and Development 
                                                                        d. NextGen Online
                                                                        e. Closer to Home
                                                            4. Youth/Seniors
                                                            • Changing the status quo: accommodating all demographic needs
                                                                        a. Peer Connections 
                                                                        b. Rural Road Show – Phase 2
                                                                        c. Farm Masters Project
                                                                        d. Rocky Lane School Agriculture Program 
                                                                        e. Opportunity Shop

3:15-3:30 pm               The RADF Story – As seen through the eyes of an evaluator

3:30-4:25 pm               Sustainability Panel 
                                                            1. Value of Partnerships 
                                                            2. Strengths of Rural Community Co-operatives  
                                                            3. Generative Rural Community Conversations Model 
                                                            4. Q & A 

4:25-4:30 pm               Closing Remarks


Click here to register: https://radf.inviteright.com/springshowcase