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News Release


Fund contribution is $450,000

This project involves supporting the Rosebud Economic Development Committee to increase economic, educational, cultural and social sustainability in Rosebud and area. Composed of 12 community organizations, the Committee is a unique concept in rural Alberta. It will act as a single coordinating body for the fundraising and planning needs of local residents, businesses and organizations.

Coordination of fundraising efforts will avoid duplication and enable economies of scale for in-kind donations. The Rosebud School of the Arts has taken a lead role in the initiative. Formation of a community foundation is part of the project’s plan.

Expected results include:

  • Community and leadership development
  • Improved community planning for residential and commercial services
  • Establishment, expansion or retention of local businesses
  • Increased tourism and employment opportunities
  • Improved information and communication technology

Contact: Bob Davis, Executive Director, Rosebud Theatre
T: 403.677.2350