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Learning & Work Connections (Opportunity Shop)

Impacts Southern Alberta

RADF Investment: $428,409

Other Investment: $324,855

Total Investment: $753,264

Project Period: April 2009–August 2011

Education Education

T: 403.223.3547


Project Description

The Learning & Work Connections program, based out of Taber, will give students who are facing financial, cultural, or family pressure to drop out of school the opportunity to complete their education while earning an income. Project staff will liaise with employers and project students to provide coaching and support for students and their families.

Expected Outcomes and Benefits

All projects go through a selection process to ensure they will improve the quality of life for Albertans. This project meets this objective through the following outcomes and benefits:     

  • Decrease the number of youth leaving school for full-time work
  • Increase the number of youth earning high school diplomas
  • Increase the identification of at-risk youth who may benefit from additional program support
  • Employers were able to hire part-time workers to help meet the needs of the business
  • Horizon school division; 11 students stayed in school instead of leaving. In 2011, 15 students returned to school as a result of the program.
  • Palliser school division; young parents were starting to see the importance and value of more education, which leads to  better earnings and greater career options.
  • Grasslands school division; most of the employers (20) were willing to take students for both years of the project.