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Mountain Pine Beetle Response

Impacts Northern Alberta

RADF Investment: $562,500

Other Investment: $187,500

Total Investment: $750,000

Project Period: March 2009–August 2011

Economic Development Economic Development


Project Description

Grande Alberta Economic Region (GAER) is developing action plans, relationships, and strategies for economic diversification in response to the mountain pine beetle infestation and its effects on the Northern Alberta region. This project responds to concerns about the state of the forestry, agriculture, oil and gas, coal, and tourism industries in this region because of the mountain pine beetle infestation and the global economic recession.

Expected Outcomes and Benefits

All projects go through a selection process to ensure they will improve the quality of life for Albertans. This project meets this objective through the following outcomes and benefits:

  • Increase economic diversification in the region 
  • Increase regional employment
  • Establish multiple partnerships between communities and industries
  • Develop new industries using trees killed by the mountain pine beetle
  • Create relationships between local business and municipal leaders and new markets, investors, and developers

Note: The RADF project was completed August 31, 2011. Unfortunately, the GAER organization dissolved in March, 2012 and the overall project was unable to continue and be sustainable.