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Pre-Employment and Trades-Related Initiative

Impacts Central Alberta

RADF Investment: $350,000

Other Investment: $120,000

Total Investment: $470,000

Project Period: October 2007–October 2009

Education Education

T: 780.672.6131

Project Description

This Camrose-based project is an innovative, flexible, and cost-effective approach to providing pre-employment and trades-related training to students in east-central Alberta communities. Courses will be run by Red Deer College or Lakeland College instructors and held in Battle River School Division facilities in the evenings, on weekends, and during the summer months.

Expected Outcomes and Benefits         

All projects go through a selection process to ensure they will improve the quality of life for Albertans. This project meets this objective through the following outcomes and benefits:

  • Provide greater access and lower costs to students for pre-employment and trades-related training
  • Increase number of skilled workers in east-central Alberta
  • Encourage youth to stay and work in the region
  • Establish a locally based multi-partner organization to create and broker pre-employment and trades-related training