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Unleashing Local Capital

Impacts Entire Province

RADF Investment: $1,260,000

Other Investment: $440,000

Total Investment: $1,700,000

Project Period: February 2012 - December 2013

Community Development Community Development
Economic Development Economic Development

T: 780.913.1271


Project Description

The Unleashing Local Capital project will empower communities to invest locally, direct their own economic development and reduce dependency on government supports by directing outward-bound investments towards local businesses, keeping local capital flowing through local communities. This project will educate rural communities on the community investment model while assisting in establishing a community investment fund - a pool of capital raised from local investors, managed by a local committee and then invested in local businesses. Three pilot communities will be selected to test and implement this model.

Expected Outcomes and Benefits

All projects go through a selection process to ensure they will improve the quality of life for Albertans. This project meets this objective through the following outcomes and benefits:

  • Create Raising Local Capital Guide that will act as a toolkit of training resources to help establish community investment funds in other rural Alberta communities
  • Addresses rural business succession planning, directs local capital back into rural communities and simplifies and reduces cost of investing
  • Albertans investing in their own communities will lead to new businesses, higher employment and income levels and strengthen provincial and regional economies