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Alberta is bursting with big ideas and passionate people keen to turn these ideas into reality. Rural Alberta Development Fund was proud to help so many community change agents bring their visions to life by providing seed funding to innovative projects. Along the way, we collected stories and pictures, but, more importantly, these creative thinkers have kindly shared their experiences and insights to the benefit of all Albertans.

Read the stories, find your inspiration and realize how big our sky could be. Look around to see what your neighbouring communities have done with help from Rural Alberta Development Fund and visit Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development's web site to find out the latest on rural development in our province. 

STARS Academy

STARS needed to offer more support for the rural population to attend the educational portion of their model, the STARS Critical Care & Transport Medicine Academy.

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Best Practices in Rural Alberta Project: Nexen Chair in Aboriginal Leadership

First Nations communities are invigorating the youth with pride for their heritage and inspiring a new generation of leaders.

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PEER Connections

In Camrose, homelessness was growing in a quiet way. Learn how Big Sky thinking turned an unassuming Café into a comprehensive support system for Camrose’s at-risk teens.

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The Mobile Trades Foundation

Sinking graduation rates plagued the schools of the Northern Lights School District. Learn how their inspired new curriculum is creating sparks.

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Centre for Research and Innovation

Alberta’s Peace Country wasn’t capitalizing on their potential for innovation. Learn how some dedicated residents created a program that’s ignited their spirit.

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Warner Hockey School

Residents of Warner were watching their school and town fade away. Learn how their Big Sky thinking created a program that’s revitalized their community.

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