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Value-Added Incubator Services Throughout Alberta (VISTA)

Impacts Entire Province

RADF Investment: $453,000

Other Investment: $229,000

Total Investment: $682,000

Project Period: January 2008–December 2009

Economic Development Economic Development

T: 1.800.272.9675

Project Description

This Edmonton-based project helps rural communities set up business incubators and enhance ones already in place. The Business Link, a province-wide business information service centre, created Value-Added Incubator Services Throughout Alberta (VISTA) to establish rural incubators that match the services, resources, and benefits of those found in large urban centres. VISTA's group of services will allow rural incubators to provide a broad range of services, reduce costs, and adapt more efficiently to regional needs.

Expected Outcomes and Benefits

All projects go through a selection process to ensure they will improve the quality of life for Albertans. This project meets this objective through the following outcomes and benefits:     

  • Build a network of sustainable rural business incubators across Alberta
  • Allow for informed decision-making in incubator planning
  • Develop tool kit of support materials for deciding if a local business incubator is right for the user’s community
  • Increase the number of healthy rural businesses
  • Increase economic well-being in rural communities

Note: The project was not sustainable and the website for VISTA is no longer available. Interested communities may contact the Business Link to obtain information on how to set-up an incubator in their community.